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Advanced Reservoir Simulation Technologies (RE06)

    Aug 3-7, 2015 Vienna, Austria Course Fee: EUR 3390 plus VAT
    Sep 14-18, 2015 Perth, Australia Course Fee: USD 4890

Course Level: Advanced

Instructor: Leonhard Ganzer

Dynamic reservoir models are important when investigating reservoir behaviour, optimising reservoir performance, designing complex wells, estimating uncertainties and providing the basis for risk management. New developments, such as unstructured gridding, combined with new simulation techniques eliminate most of the drawbacks of conventional simulation methods and make predictions more reliable. The participants will learn about various algorithms, concepts and possible uses of reservoir simulators.


  • Improve understanding of artifacts and benefits of reservoir simulation
  • Become familiar with different gridding technologies, their advantages and disadvantages
  • Understanding when reservoir models are fit-for-purpose and when to expect instabilities
  • How to perform data quality checks on input data and resulting simulation model
  • Become familiar with different history matching approaches
  • Increase understanding of black-oil vs. compositional simulation
  • Learn about formulation details in dual porosity/dual permeability models and their consequences


  • History and classification of reservoir simulators
  • Review of rock and fluid properties for simulation deck input
  • Upgridding and upscaling
  • General purpose formulation and discretization methods used for black-oil and EOS compositional simulators
  • Gridding - structured and unstructured gridding approaches, Cartesian grids, Corner point grids, Voronoi grids
  • Modelling vertical and sloping faults in simulation
  • Representing wells in the reservoir simulation model
  • Solution methods and tuning parameter
  • Initialization of reservoir simulation models
  • History matching
  • Compositional reservoir simulation
  • Simulation of fractured reservoirs - numerical model, matrix-fracture exchange, recovery processes


This course is designed for experienced reservoir engineers.  Attendees should possess basic skills in reservoir engineering and reservoir simulation, and have some experience in the use of commercial reservoir simulators.