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Advanced SCAL (RES52)

  • To be announced for 2018


Advanced core analyses provide sophisticated engineering measurements and quantitative imaging of reservoir rocks. These advanced laboratory methods are closely aligned with downhole analogues and incorporate acoustic, electrical, x-ray computed tomography (CT) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) fundamentals and tools.
This course reviews the basic elements for core acquisition, preservation, sampling and testing for routine and special core analysis. It then proceeds to advanced methods and modelling incorporating acoustic, electrical, x-ray and NMR measurements.
Presented in the course are the experimental tools, procedures and workflow for designing and engineering advanced core analysis programs for comprehensive reservoir studies.

Course Level: Intermediate / Advanced
Instructor: Jim Funk

Designed for you, if you are...

  • A reservoir engineer, petrophysicist or geologist tasked with planning, performing, monitoring and using special core analyses for reservoir description and recovery

How we build your confidence

With an engineering review of the fundamentals of routine and special core analyses measurements you learn the physics and/or mechanics of the process along with the experimental techniques. You gain experience through example measurements incorporated in petrophysical models for various lithologies. These measurements are used and analysed by the participants as exercises. Open source software tools and packages are provided to assist with the exercises and for future use.

We look at the basic physics of the advanced processes and the laboratory tools commonly available. With a focus on the significant petrophysics data provided by the techniques, we look at methods to combine raw data and petrophysical images to complement and improve other laboratory measurements as well as techniques to incorporate lab data with logging measurements.

The benefits from attending

Participants will learn the essentials for planning and design of an advanced special core analysis program along with the use and application of its results. You will learn techniques to incorporate routine measurements corrected to reservoir condition and how to apply them along with advanced special core analyses as essential elements for detailed geo-cellular and reservoir simulation models.


  • Review of conventional and special core analyses and opportunity for routine application of advanced methods
  • Advanced analytical techniques for mineralogy and reservoir zonation
  • Acoustic property measurements and applications in geophysics and rock mechanics
  • Geochemistry measurements and experimental techniques
  • Fundamentals of electro-magnetic property measurements and their application
  • Advanced petrophysical nuclear techniques using x-ray and NMR
  • Introduction to pore scale physics and modelling




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