Feb 2020

Gas Condensate Course with Curtis Whitson!

Advanced Gas Condensate Reservoir Management

presented by Dr Curtis Whitson

Due to the high demand for the course “Advanced Gas Condensate Reservoir Management (RES05)”, presented by world-renowned industry expert Dr Curtis Whitson, we are pleased to announce the upcoming public session in Trondheim. In cooperation with whitson we are delighted to offer unique options to join this industry popular course:

Face-to-Face or Live Online Session?
– Whatever suits you!

Dr Curtis Whitson presenting his course1) Face-to-Face Session in Trondheim:
Join our face-to-face session in Trondheim, Norway, to take full advantage of interaction with our expert instructor and the group. The face-to-face class in Trondheim will take place 22-26 June 2020, from 08:30 to 16:00 each day.

Your Benefits of joining the FACE-TO-FACE session:

  • You can be involved in direct discussions with Dr. Curtis Whitson
  • Interaction and knowledge exchange with international course attendees and the instructor
  • You do not have interruptions due to distance to office
  • Onsite assistance with exercises


2) Live Online Session:
Girl with laptop and headsetYou are not able to travel? Then join the LIVE online session! You will connect to the face-to-face session in real time.
Participants who register for the online session will receive log-in details in due time. They will actually participate in the face-to-face session in Trondheim.
During the course presentation, a chat function will be available to ask questions.

Your Benefits of joining the LIVE ONLINE session:

  • It is a cost-effective solution
  • You will save costs for accommodation, airfare, local transportation, daily allowances and other related expenses
  • You will save travel time
  • You are close to your home

This powerful course is the only available public session on this topic delivered by Curtis Whitson in 2020.

Click here to register for the face-to-face session:


22-26 June 2020 (5 days) – Trondheim, Norway Norway flag

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… or send us an email at training@hoteng.com for more information and to register for the live online session.

We look forward to welcoming you!
Your HOT Team

Meet Your Instructor:
Dr Curtis Whitson

Dr Curtis Whitson

An award-winning industry professional with decades of experience and incomparable expertise

– Two-time recipient of the Cedric K. Ferguson Award, SPE
– Anthony F. Lucas Gold Medal, SPE
– 2010 Excellence in Research Award, Statoil

Book Publications:

Co-author of
– Well Performance
– Phase Behaviour monograph


“Dr. Whitson is an excellent lecturer, in addition to being a world-renowned expert.”
– Sr. Reservoir Engineer at ENI

“A complicated topic covered by an industry & academic expert who is able to simplify the complex concepts for practical uses.”
– Subsurface Manager at CNOOC