May 2019

Dive Into the Secrets of Deep-Water Reservoirs!

Join Our Confirmed Session in Stavanger:

This CONFIRMED! course gets to the core of source-to-sink sedimentary transport processes and depositional products.

With a modern, practical approach to the subject, this course equips you with comprehensive knowledge about mapping and interpreting deep-water siliciclastic depositional systems. Emphasis is placed on core description and integration, reservoir characterisation and sequence stratigraphy. Collaborative exercises on core, outcrop and seismic examples round out the session.

Join our CONFIRMED! session with Dr Jon Rotzien in Stavanger (Norway) and learn all you need to know about successfully mapping and interpreting deep-water reservoirs!

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Here are a few impressions of Dr Rotzien’s previous courses:

Geological rock formations around water / All images © Dr Jon Rotzien
Mount Messenger Formation / © Dr Jon Rotzien

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About the Instructor

Dr Jon Rotzien

Dr Jon Rotzien

  • Ph.D. in ‘Geological and Environmental Sciences’ from Stanford University, USA
  • Specialises in reservoir presence and quality forecasting
  • Author of numerous papers and conference proceedings

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