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Introduction to Reservoir Fluid Properties (BACINT01LIC1)

  • 1 dayLicense period: 1 Month Course Fee: 95 EUR


Our self-paced certified courses mimic the traditional classroom learning style, but you can complete it in your own time. This introduction to reservoir fluid properties covers all the basic concepts and applications of fluid properties (PVT). Topics include fluid composition, properties, types, sampling, measurement, analysis and software applications. Take control of your learning with Baobab. IChemE accredited course (7 CPD hours).

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Designed for you, if you are...

... anyone wanting to gain an appreciation of the components and properties of oil and gas fluids.

The benefits from attending

  • Identify typical units used in the oilfield and their conversion factors
  • Describe reservoir oil types, composition and key properties
  • Identify and interpret fluid property reports for application in software models
  • Distinguish between prediction methods (correlations and EoS) and the correct application of each
  • Use the real gas equation to calculate gas fluid properties


1. Units Review
  • Units - an introduction to oilfield units
  • Units - an exercise on conversion factors
  • Units - prefixes in common use
  • QUIZ - Units

2. Reservoir Fluid Composition
  • Reservoir fluid composition
  • Reservoir fluid properties
  • QUIZ - Reservoir fluid composition

3. Reservoir Fluid Properties
  • Reservoir fluid types (classification)
  • Reservoir fluid types (typical oil and gas properties)
  • Reservoir fluid properties - plots
  • QUIZ - Reservoir fluid types and properties

4. Reservoir fluid sampling, analysis and correlations
  • Wellbore fluids sampling
  • Reservoir fluids measurements (PVT analysis)
  • Fluid property correlations
  • QUIZ - Reservoir fluid measurement, analysis and correlations
  • PRACTICAL - Reservoir fluid properties

5. Fluid Properties Workshop
  • Building a well model (PVT data entry and matching) Part 1 (Prosper)
  • Building a well model (PVT data entry and matching) Part 2 (Prosper)

6. Gas fluid properties using an EoS
  • Equation of State for an ideal gas
  • Equation of State for a real gas
  • Gas fluid properties - calculation of Z factor (part 1)
  • Gas fluid properties - calculation of Z factor (part 2)
  • Gas fluid properties - Wichert and Aziz correction for sour gases
  • Gas fluid properties - calculation of volume and density
  • Gas fluid properties - calculation of volume factor and expansion factor
  • Gas fluid properties - example calculation
  • QUIZ - Gas fluid properties

7. Final course examination
  • EXAM - Reservoir fluid properties

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