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Introduction to Petroleum Production (BACINT02LIC1)

  • 1 dayLicense period: 1 Month Course Fee: 80 EUR


This comprehensive introduction and overview of the petroleum industry provides insight and facts ranging from global energy statistics to exploration, drilling, wells and production systems. Through engaging, guided tutorials and practical training you’ll develop a skills-set you can implement into your further learning and career. IChemE accredited course (7 CPD hours).

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Designed for you, if you are...

. . . anyone new to the industry or for non-technical staff who wish to learn about the key activities involved in the exploration and production of oil and gas fields.

The benefits from attending

  • Identify energy types and units and discuss global oil and gas production and reserves
  • Explain how reservoirs are formed and list the important rock and fluid properties
  • Describe the exploration process and the information that can be gained from testing wells
  • Review how wells are drilled and the type of equipment used to make them safe for production
  • Explain field development production systems and how these relate to water depth


1. World Energy Overview
  • Introduction to Power, Energy and Work
  • Energy types and units
  • World Energy Overview - Global Consumption
  • World Energy Overview - Oil Production and Reserves
  • World Energy Overview - Gas Production and Reserves
  • QUIZ - World Energy Overview

2. Petroleum Industry Overview
  • Petroleum Industry history and current oil production
  • World oil reserves overview
  • Historical crude oil prices

3. Petroleum Rocks and Fluids
  • Petroleum geology - introduction and source rock
  • Petroleum geology - migration and traps
  • Reservoir rock properties overview
  • Reservoir fluid properties overview
  • Crude oil refining
  • QUIZ - Introduction to the Petroleum Industry (1)

4. Exploration and Drilling
  • Exploration introduction
  • Exploration methods
  • Seismic surveying processing and interpretation
  • Drilling and wells

5. Well and Production Systems
  • Well evaluation and testing
  • Wellbore equipment (completions)
  • Production systems
  • QUIZ - Introduction to the Petroleum Industry (2)

6. Production Systems Concepts
  • Production System Concepts (Part 1)
  • QUIZ - Production system concepts (1)
  • Production System Concepts (Part 2)
  • QUIZ - Production system concepts (2)

7. References
  • Introduction - World energy overview
  • Introduction - Petroleum industry overview

8. Final course examination
  • EXAM - Introduction to Petroleum Production

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