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Artificial Lift in Unconventional Reservoirs (BACPRE02LIC1)

  • 1 dayLicense period: 1 Month Course Fee: 150 EUR


This course covers an overview of the properties of unconventional reservoirs and the particular issues that arise for the selection and application of artificial lift methods. These include a review of ESPs, gas lift, plunger lift and sucker rod pumps. IChemE accredited course (7 CPD hours).

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. . . anyone keen to understand the emerging technologies involved in the application of artificial lift to unconventional reservoirs.

The benefits from attending

  • Identify the unusual reservoir and production characteristics of unconventional wells. Explain the challenges of their wellbore profiles and completion types
  • Explain the key factors that affect artificial lift design and selection in unconventional wells. List the issues to be considered for each method
  • Describe the particular problems and solutions for the application of electric submersible pumps (ESPs) in unconventional wells
  • Identify the key issues for the design and operation of gas lift in unconventional wells
  • Describe the challenges and solutions for the application and operation of sucker rod pumps (SRPs) and plunger lift in unconventional wells


1. Introduction to unconventional reservoirs and wells
  • Artificial Lift in unconventional reservoirs - introduction
  • Artificial Lift in unconventional reservoirs - concepts
  • Unconventional wells - typical wellbore profiles
  • Unconventional wells - completions and production profiles
  • Unconventional wells - performance prediction

2. Artificial lift selection
  • Artificial lift selection - overview
  • Artificial lift selection - issues

3. ESPs in unconventional wells
  • ESPs in unconventional wells - problems and solutions
  • ESPs in unconventional wells - setting depth
  • ESPs in unconventional wells - gas handling
  • ESPs in unconventional wells - pump types
  • ESPs in unconventional wells - power supply and system optimisation

4. Gas lift in unconventional wells
  • Gas lift in unconventional wells - gas supply
  • Gas lift in unconventional wells - design and operations

5. Plunger lift and SRPs in unconventional wells
  • Plunger lift in unconventional wells
  • SRPs in unconventional wells

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