Mar 2020

Online Petroleum Courses Available Now!

** NEW: Online Petroleum Courses **

Don’t let travel bans hold back your career!

The new way of learning: HOT, in cooperation with Baobab LMS, now offers cutting-edge online petroleum courses to superbly complement your ongoing training endeavours – even when travelling to a public course is not an option!

Your Benefits

  • Save time & money: No need to travel anywhere
  • Available 24/7 on any device: Learn at your own pace and place
  • Effective video duration: Each video is 3-5 minutes
  • Each video comes with a (fully searchable) transcript
  • Complete practical exercises, quizzes and skills tests to measure your progress
  • Earn digital badges and receive award certificates
  • Share your achievements on social media via OpenBadges
  • Cost-effective for individuals and organisations (train a large number of employees)

Micro-learning in action! And when used in conjunction with standard classroom courses or workshops, the Baobab LMS solution offers a powerful blended learning environment.

Available Online Course Modules:

  • Introduction courses
    (e.g. Introduction to the Petroleum Industry, World Energy Overview)
  • Foundation courses
    (e.g. Introduction to Production Systems, Rock Properties/Fluid Properties, Reserves Estimation)
  • Well Performance
    (e.g. Pressure Loss, Gas Lift Systems, Well Performance Prediction)
  • Reservoir Performance
    (e.g. Formation Evaluation, Fluid Flow, Enhanced Oil Recovery)
  • Network and Field Performance
    (e.g. Surface Network Modelling, Integrated Production Modelling)
  • Production Operations
    (e.g. Well Stimulation, Production Chemistry & Flow Assurance, Materials and Corrosion Control)
  • …and many more!

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