Dec 2018

HOT’s Latest Successful Project Featured in EAGE’s First Break Journal

In this month’s issue of EAGE’s First Break journal, our Principal Geophysicist, Dr. Christian Stotter and Senior Geoscientist Robert Rieger report on one of HOT’s latest successful projects on a giant oilfield in Libya.

The paper ‘Is it worth the effort? — why state-of-the art reprocessing of old seismic data was an indispensable tool for a reservoir simulation study in the Murzuq Basin (Libya)’ shows how with modern processing even old seismic data can be successfully used to answer urgent questions about reservoir management and field development.  Using the re-processed dataset (and integrating it with other disciplines) we were able to generate a geo-model, which was already “history matched”.

Therefore, in case you have old data, which you consider not worth re-processing, give it a try, technology has made great progress!

To access and read the full paper, check out: