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Carbonate Geology for Oil and Gas Exploration & Development (GEO02)

  • 17-21 September 20185 daysVienna, AustriaCourse Fee: 3350 EUR + VAT


This course presents all the key aspects of carbonate exploration and development geology, using an effective and popular rock-based exercise format. It is the starting point for geoscientists and engineers new to carbonates, but also introduces new concepts for exploration to more experienced participants. Worldwide exploration and reservoir case studies are presented throughout this seminar. Each participant comes away with a series of guidelines and procedures to guide their future work in carbonates.

Course Level: Foundation / Skill
Instructor: Jeffrey Dravis

Designed for you, if you are...

  • A geologist, geophysicist, reservoir engineer, log analyst or manager

You will benefit greatly from this course even if you have little or no industry carbonate background.
It is also a great refresher course if you have not worked with carbonates for a while.
More experienced participants will be introduced to new concepts just recently published.

How we build your confidence

  • We use a great teaching format (lectures reinforced with exercises)
  • The notebook contains color images of all slides presented in lectures
  • Exercises are keyed to identical sample rock sets, each containing 56 representative subsurface and outcrop samples from around the world

The benefits from attending

By the end of the course you will feel confident to:

  • Describe typical carbonate rocks
  • Interpret facies relationships and sequences
  • Understand the key controls on depositional facies occurrence and distribution, based on stratigraphic age and physiographic setting
  • Evaluate reservoir quality in limestones and dolostones
  • Understand reservoir complexity related to carbonate diagenesis
  • Relate carbonates to well logs and seismic expression
  • Evaluate the different approaches to doing carbonate sequence stratigraphy and exploiting reservoir complexity
  • Better predict play relationships in the subsurface. Learn the key factors that control carbonate play types and their geometries in the subsurface
  • Construct a time-stratigraphic facies framework, essential for both accurate regional correlation of carbonate sequences and zonation of carbonate reservoirs


  • Distinctive aspects of carbonates; non-skeletal grains; skeletal grains
  • Carbonate classifications and sedimentary structures; limestone diagenesis and porosity evolution
  • Dolomitisation and porosity evolution; pore types and porosity classification schemes; attributes of shallow and deep-marine facies; depositional facies models for platforms; depositional facies model for a ramp
  • Carbonate sequence stratigraphy relationships and approaches; well log and seismic expression of carbonates; carbonate source rocks; carbonates and evaporites; carbonate play types and review of worldwide case studies tied to stratigraphic age and physiographic setting
  • Use of depositional cyclicity to zone carbonate reservoirs (detailed review of two case studies); carbonate facies correlation exercise

Customer Feedback

"I liked the intensity of the course. It really helped to drive the mind to carbonate geology from another area, like geophysics" - Geophysicist at RAG
"Great instruction, perfect command regard topic, lots of examples" - Senior Geoscience Specialist at MND




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