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Hazard Identification and Hazard Operability Study in Oil & Gas (HSE08)


    This comprehensive course has been designed to give the participants all of the information they will require to perform suitable and sufficient Hazop Studies & Hazard Identification Techniques within their own working environment.
    The first part of this course will be focusing on Hazard Identification Techniques (HAZID). The second part of this course will be focusing on Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP). Practical examples will be covered on Hazid and Hazop Studies in some of the oil & gas projects.

    Course Level: Skill / Advanced
    Instructor: Mahmoud J. Aljanabi

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • A manager, line manager, supervisor, auditor, senior staff or engineer from Quality/Assurance & HSE
    • A professional, senior staff or engineer from process, operation or maintenance departments as well as from other departments in the oil & gas industry involved in operational and project environment phases
    • A member of the Hazop team

    Participants need to have reasonable work experience in the oil & gas industry.

    How we build your confidence

    In this extensive course you will initially be taken through Hazard Identification Techniques using Risk Analysis & Assessment Process, Frequency & Consequences Analysis. Comprehensive examples will be covered to bring the learning into a more understandable format. Then participants will be taken through all of the terminology associated with the Hazop Study and Hazid Techniques.

    Participants will work in small groups to encourage each individual member to work as a team to develop answers to questions, rather than being told.

    What is Hazop, why is Hazop carried out and the Hazop study procedure will be covered and discussed in details.
    During the last part of the course “Practical Hazop Studies in some of the Oil & Gas Projects” will be attempted. Again you will work in small groups to perform the Hazop Studies of a process that you are familiar with, using all of the knowledge, information, risk assessment process steps and the Hierarchy of Controls.

    The benefits from attending

    Learning Outcomes
    • Knowledge of Hazard identification and control via the hierarchy of risk management
    • Knowledge of Hazid Techniques
    • Knowledge of Hazard and Operability Studies (Hazop)
    • Awareness of Hazop Studies requirements set out by your company
    • Performing Hazop Studies and Job Hazard Identification within the workplace environment

    Basic and Key Skills Learning Outcomes
    • Ability to perform and participate in Hazop Studies and Analysis
    • Ability to perform Job Hazard Identification
    • Ability to read P& I Diagrams and Hazop Studies performed by others


    HAZID – Hazard Identification
    • HAZID introduction and overview
    • Definitions and Use of HAZID
    • HAZID team composition
    • HAZID methodology
    • HAZID study procedure
    • HAZID brainstorming and analysis
    • Specific tools and techniques for Hazard identification
    • Examples of HAZID
    • HAZID appendices

    HAZOP - Hazard Operability Study
    • Introduction
    • What is a HAZOP?
    • Documents needed for HAZOP study & flowsheeting and instrumentation
    • HAZOP study technique & HAZOP methodology overview
    • HAZOP study procedure
    • HAZOP management
    • Team members, qualifications and responsibilities
    • Structure of meeting sessions
    • HAZOP recording and reporting
    • HAZOP leader's report
    • Follow-up
    • Role of the HAZOP leader and secretary
    • Variations on the HAZOP technique
    • The role of HAZOP in the project life-cycle




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