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Selection and Development of a Performing Team (MAN36)


    Selecting, recruiting and developing team members is a critical enabler of your and ultimately your organisation’s success. Unfortunately in many cases the process of attracting, selecting, on-boarding and developing people is carried out in a way that failure at some point seems to be inevitable.
    This course takes you through the process of building optimised role profiles upon which to base pivotal selection decisions. You will be shown interviewing processes and techniques that enable the "real" candidate to be seen, keys to essential on-boarding, building growth and development plans as well as managing performance and underperformance. The complete skill set for selecting and developing a performing team that meets the need of both the individual and the organisation.

    Course Level: Skill
    Instructor: Tony Copeman

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • Responsible for the selection and development of people into your team, department or business
    • A role within HR, management, team leadership

    How we build your confidence

    • Working through all of the key points of successful team selection and development in an open environment
    • A setting where practical use of the tools is key and supported by demonstration, simulation and observation

    The benefits from attending

    By the end of the course you will feel confident in your understanding of:

    • Essential aspects of role profiling and how this assists effective selection
    • A range of tools that you can adapt to suit your own circumstances and organisational need
    • A variety of skills to enhance your performance and of those around you
    • Effective selection and implementation of appropriate management tools that makes sure we get the best from members of our teams and align organisational to personal development
    • Building a personal development plan
    • Building a succession plan
    • Managing performance and underperformance


    • Role profiles and job descriptions
    • Effective recruitment strategies
    • Managing effective meetings
    • Competency based interviews
    • The use and application of psychometric profiling tools
    • On-boarding
    • Performance and under performance management
    • The 10 team roles
    • Succession planning
    • Goal setting
    • Personal commitment




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