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Cased Hole Services (PPH32)

  • 18-20 November 20193 daysVienna, AustriaCourse Fee: 2500 EUR + VAT


The course covers the range of cased hole services available for formation evaluation, well integrity and to assist in maximising production. The course targets multi-disciplinary teams planning the acquisition of cased hole logging data to evaluate existing wells in the context of planned well interventions. It will give participants the basic knowledge required to evaluate historical data that may be available so that it can be incorporated in well reviews. Improved understanding of the services available and their applications can lead to greater efficiency in data acquisition campaigns and ultimately maintaining or improving production.

Course Level: Skill
Instructor: Kym Dutfield-Cooke

Designed for you, if you are...

  • A reservoir, production or completions engineer
  • A geologist, petrophysicist or geophysicist
  • Involved in the planning or supervising of cased hole wireline operations

How we build your confidence

This is a classroom-based course that uses a combination of lectures, videos and self-contained exercises to reinforce learning.

The benefits from attending

By the end of the course you will feel confident in your understanding of:

  • Formation evaluation in a cased hole environment, which open hole tools can be used and any special considerations in their interpretation, as well as specialised cased hole services
  • The basic physical principles and tool technologies of pulsed neutron tools, the different acquisition modes and their interpretation, and their use in time lapse reservoir monitoring
  • The basic physical principles and tool technologies of various production logging tools and their interpretation in single phase flow, multi-phase flow and horizontal well scenarios
  • The basic physical principles of cement bond logging tools and interpreting the resulting data
  • Options and limitations relating to perforating gun design and selection
  • The basic physical principles and tool technologies of the various casing integrity evaluation services and how they may be used to evaluate casing damage and deformities


  • Introduction
    - Course overview
    - Deployment methodologies and depth control
  • Formation evaluation in cased holes
    - GR, neutron and acoustic logging
    - Pulsed neutron logging
    - Resistivity through casing
    - Formation testing
    - Additional techniques, formation density and cross-well electromagnetic imaging
  • Cement bond logging
    - Common problems with cement bonds
    - The CBL-VDL log
    - Modern cement evaluation tools
    - Lightweight cements
    - Micro-annulus detection
  • Casing integrity logging
    - Types of casing damage/deformities
    - Corrosion logging tools
  • Perforating
    - Production optimisation
    - Perforating gun design and selection
    - Underbalance perforating
    - Specialised perforating systems
  • Production logging
    - Reservoir fluid properties
    - Classic production problems and leak detection
    - Basic measurements and logging tools
    - Single and multi-phase flow
    - Oxygen activation logging
    - Array production logging tools for horizontal wells
    - Permanent monitoring systems




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