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Problem Solving and Decision Making (SSK36)

  • To be announced for 2020


This practical program refreshes and develops your ability to resolve problems and to make decisions, especially in a team or group setting. It has many individual and team activities and participants regularly comment that the teaching methods are more enjoyable than they would have expected on a training program.

Course Level: Skill
Instructor: Tony Hendry

Designed for you, if you are...

  • In need of refining and developing your individual and / or team problem solving skills
  • Faced with difficult decisions to make
  • Wanting high ownership of and commitment to decisions
  • Someone who enjoys learning through activity

How we build your confidence

  • Giving you clear explanation of and experience in a range of techniques to identify the underlying causes of problems
  • Progress from single cause to multiple causes of problems
  • Making even highly emotional decisions manageable and justifiable
  • Getting you involved in individual and group activities

The benefits from attending

By the end of the program you will feel confident to:

  • Use a range of techniques to define and resolve simple and complex problems
  • Identify how best to use your team in problem solving situations
  • Run decision making meetings for your team so as to get their early commitment and energy behind the decision


  • Understanding the problem solving cycle
  • My team & problem solving
  • Why we need to resolve problems
  • The need to address underlying causes
  • Ways of finding underlying causes
    - Stair stepping / 5 whys
    - Fish Bone Analysis / Ishikawa
    - Cause analysis
    - Using the 80 / 20 rule
  • Dealing with people issues
    - Using force field analysis
    - Persuading & influencing people
    - Diagnosing readiness to change
    - Developing strategies
  • Determining solutions
    - Types of solutions
    - Creating options
    - Creative thinking techniques
  • Decision making
    - Majority approach
    - Achieving consensus
    - High ownership decision making
    - Using decision trees
    - Risk analysis and integration of preventive and contingent actions
    - Managing the behaviours of the group

Customer Feedback

"The teacher is great and he motivates the students a lot. Congratulation for the instructor." - Advisor at NIS Petrol

"The course was perfect how it was structured." - Analyst at NIS Petrol

"Excellent communication skills. Keep it like this!" - Manager at NIS Petrol




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