Sep 2018

SenEx Colleague Presented at EAGE ECMOR, Barcelona!

Daniel Awofodu from our SenEx Support Team attended EAGE ECMOR conference, 3-6 September 2018 in Barcelona, Spain, which focused on the mathematics of oil recovery and was attended by reservoir engineers, data scientists, mathematicians, PhD students and professionals from both academia and industry. The conference covered the mathematical aspects of physical modelling, linear solvers, risk and uncertainty, uncertainty quantification, data assimilation, reservoir geomechanics etc.

Daniel presented a paper titled “Revealing Hidden Reservoir Features During History Matching Using An Adjoint Method”. A competition was held in the conference to find the best method capable of maximizing net present value (NPV). Participants used a wide range of methods such as the CMA-ES, Stochastic gradient, GA, EnKF and the Adjoint method. It was noteworthy that the highest NPV was achieved by SINTEF (the developers of MATLAB), and was also based on the Adjoint approach, just like SenEx, our assisted history matching software, which was utilized in Daniel’s work.

We remain proud that SenEx continues to be unrivalled in the world of assisted history matching tools.
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