Nov 2019

Visit Us at ADIPEC 2019!

Watch in Real Time How Oil is Trapped, Mobilised and Displaced

Visit us @ADIPEC 2019, where we showcase InspIOR, our reservoir condition microfluidic flooding system for EOR optimisation and conformance control.

Like a Window to Your Reservoir

Our Micromodels are used as an EOR screening, planning and optimisation tool because they combine aspects of phase behaviour and flow. They:

  • Visualise real time what drives flow behaviour, such as fluid-fluid interaction, wettability modification, emulsification, foam generation and stability
  • Give insight to the oil mobilisation and displacement process such as displacement efficiency, phase trapping, front stability, tortuosity, break-through performance, residual oil saturation
  • Take only few hours to conduct a full cycle EOR flooding experiment and require only small fluid volumes (typically 1 – 3 ml/experiment)

Waterflooded Sandstone analogue with permeability contrast

Observe Your Chemicals React with Oil and Water in Porous Systems

Alkaline Flooding mechanisms near the 'displacement' front

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11-14 November 2019
Abu Dhabi / UAE
Hall 8, Booth 8710

We look forward to seeing you!
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