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Gas Lift Systems Modelling with Prosper (BACPRE06LIC1)

  • 1 dayLicense period: 1 Month Course Fee: 120 EUR


This self-paced course covers the concepts and software applications of gas lift systems performance, equipment, design, operations and diagnosis. You’ll cover lift design, workshops on lift sensitivities and will be evaluated with an exam at the end of the course. Baobab courses offer the best from traditional classroom learning, but you can do it in your own time. IChemE accredited course (7 CPD hours).

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Designed for you, if you are...

. . . anyone keen to specialise in applying the concepts of gas lift systems with commercial well modelling software.

The benefits from attending

  • Describe the concepts of gas lift operation and performance curves
  • Identify and explain the key factors in gas lift design
  • Describe gas lift valve performance and how this is applied in the unloading process
  • Explain the shape of gas lift outflow (VLP) curves and the influence of key sensitivities
  • Discuss and apply the principles of gas lift diagnosis and performance optimisation
  • Perform a gas lift design from concepts through to unloading, run sensitivities and export lift curves (Prosper)
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot gas lift well performance using the "quicklook" utility (Prosper)


1. Gas lift systems overview
  • Gas lift key concepts
  • Gas lift well performance curves
  • Introduction to gas lift design
  • QUIZ - Gas lift concepts

2. Gas lift equipment and valve calculations
  • Gas lift equipment overview
  • Gas lift valve operation and equations
  • Gas lift valve equations (summary and typical values)
  • Gas lift valve calculations (dome pressure and TRO)
  • Gas lift valve calculations (example)
  • Gas lift valve performance
  • Gas lift valve running and pulling procedure

3. Gas lift design
  • Gas lift unloading process (introduction)
  • Gas lift unloading process (detailed)
  • Gas-lift lift curves (VLPs)
  • QUIZ - Gas lift unloading, design and valve performance

4. Practical workshop: Gas lift design and sensitivities
  • Simple gas lift design (fixed depth of injection) (Prosper)
  • Simple gas lift design (fixed CHP) (Prosper)
  • Detailed gas lift design (well unloading) Part 1 (Prosper)
  • Detailed gas lift design (well unloading) Part 2 (Prosper)
  • Running gas lift sensitivities (gas lift performance curves) (Prosper)
  • Exporting gas-lift lift curves (Prosper)
  • Gas lift design workflow summary (Prosper)

5. Gas lift systems diagnosis
  • Gas lift well diagnosis

6. Practical workshop: Gas lift diagnosis
  • Gas lift well diagnosis (Part 1) (Prosper)
  • Gas lift well diagnosis (Part 2) (Prosper)

7. Final course examination
  • EXAM - Gas Lift Systems

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