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Workover & Completions (DRI38)


    This 5-day course emphasises the role of engineers and field operators in planning and executing the intervention operations to maintain and increase field production and thus add to the profitability and recoverable reserves. It also emphasises the significance of the team concept as a factor in optimising operations success. The course is highlighted with open discussions and problem solving shared by the instructor and participants.

    Course Level: Skill
    Duration: 5 days
    Instructor: Gonzalo Rivero

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • A drilling, intervention, completion or production engineer or manager
    • A reservoir engineer, geologist, field maintenance supervisor or operator
    • A professional working for a service company or equipment manufacturing company

    How we build your confidence

    • Face-to-face presentation
    • Case studies
    • Videos and animations
    • Practical exercises

    The benefits from attending

    By the end of the course you will feel confident in your understanding of:

    • The industry’s advanced technologies in the field of designing and executing intervention jobs in your respective operations
    • Selecting the appropriate method for the particular operation and perform the task in a safe and efficient manner


    • Workover and completion methodology
    • Risk management
    • Well problem and analysis
    • Well control
    • Cement bond logs
    • Perforating
    • Fracture gradient
    • Sand management
    • Cement squeezing
    • Acidizing
    • Rigless operations
    • Coil tubing
    • Fishing operations
    • Completion management
    • Production casing & tubing design
    • Design procedures
    • Artificial lift
    • Practical exercise

    Customer Feedback

    "I really liked the examples demonstrations on the board rather than ppt." - Engineer at QP

    "The message was delivered in an excellent way." - Engineer at QP



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