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Introduction to Surface Facilities (FAC01)

  • 27-30 September 20204 daysKuwait, KuwaitCourse Fee: 3600 USD


This course provides an introduction into the basic processes, technologies and equipment of Surface Facilities in E&P installations. Providing information about both onshore and offshore, it is dedicated to operational aspects and state-of-the-art applications. The course gives an overview of technical as well as commercial aspects in regard to green as well as brown field facilities. All major equipment components will be discussed and their impact on the overall value chain explained. Surface selection criteria will be presented and the main processes explained and discussed. Operational and maintenance aspects will be discussed and elaborated along the actual facility and equipment presentations.

Course Level: Foundation
Instructor: Siegfried Gugu

Designed for you, if you are...

  • A project manager or manager
  • An E&P professional (geologist, geophysicist, reservoir, production, drilling engineer etc.) seeking facilities understanding in the projects you are involved in
  • Working in related professions such as legal, accounting, business development, HR, marketing
  • Working for a service provider to oil & gas industries to understand the impact of surface facilities on their activity
  • Working for government agencies to get an insight into the issues related to E&P surface facilities

How we build your confidence

A combination of classroom lessons and real world examples will ensure the practicality of this course. Interaction between the participants and the trainer as well as discussions and case studies amongst the participants are an integral part of this course. Interaction and discussions will give the participants the opportunity to further deepen the content. After return to your workplace you can immediately use the course content in your practical work.

The benefits from attending

By the end of the course you will be confident in your understanding of:

  • The value chain of crude oil and gas from the well to the product
  • The requirements for oil and gas production facilities and gas processing
  • The establishment of product qualities
  • Major process steps and technologies in E&P surface operations
  • Facilities terminology and design concepts


  • Introduction to main chemical and physical properties of oil and gas compounds
  • Types of reservoirs and applied production technologies
  • Overview of surface facilities and equipment, broken down into:
    - Production facilities
    - Gathering facilities
    - Separation facilities
    - Treatment facilities
    - Storage facilities
    - Export facilities
    - Utilities and Infrastructure
  • Gas treatment
  • Water separation, water treatment, water injection/disposal
  • Offshore installation types
  • Introduction to process design
  • Equipment standards
  • Safety in design and operation

Customer Feedback

"Good mix of topics, easy to understand, i.e. no engineering background needed." - Geoscientist at DEA

"It was well explained and covers the most part of petroleum engineering introduction." - Reservoir Engineer at NAMR




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