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ONLINE: Integrated Stratigraphic Methods (GEO957)

  • To be announced for 2024


The course will cover the major aspects and essential elements underpinning the modern applications and perspectives of stratigraphy. It focuses on multidisciplinary approaches and how these can be utilized in the reconstruction of the geological history of sedimentary basins and in the hydrocarbon exploration.

Course Structure: 3 modules of max. 4 hours each, delivered over 3 days
Each day will consist of 1 module which will be no more than 4 hours in length with ample time for delegates to break for refreshments.

Course Level: Skill
Duration: 3 days
Instructor: Simonetta Cirilli

Designed for you, if you are...

  • A geologist, geophysicist or reservoir engineer, keen to understand the methodology for applying sequence stratigraphy to correlation, facies analysis and delineation of stratigraphic traps

How we build your confidence

  • Overview of study principles and methodology
  • Discussions of recent developments and significant applications
  • Discussions of case histories that demonstrate the applications and efficacy of integrated stratigraphy and related techniques
  • Application of the modern methods of integrated stratigraphy and defining small and large scale stratigraphic correlations

The benefits from attending

By the end of the course you will feel confident in your understanding of:

  • The concepts and practical applications of integrated stratigraphy for petroleum exploration
  • The limitations of litho-correlation and the benefits of chrono-correlation and integrated stratigraphic methods
  • Relative sea-level changes and their effect on the distribution of source, reservoirs and seal rocks


  • Introduction and basic concepts of stratigraphy
    - Principles of stratigraphy
    - Walther’s Law and facies belts
    - The time in stratigraphy
    - Geological chronology (relative and absolute), the temporal sequence of events
    - Standard global chronostratigraphical scale
    - Comparison between the stratigraphic scales in marine and continental successions
  • Stratal geometry and stratal terminations
    - Different types of unconformity
    - Correlative conformity
  • Integrated stratigraphic methods
    - Lithostratigraphy
    - Magnetostratigraphy
    - Biostratigraphy
    - Chemostratigraphy
    - Cronostratigraphy and geochronology
    - Astronomic cyclostratigraphy
    - Sequence stratigraphy



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