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ONLINE: HAZOP Studies (HSE915)

  • To be announced for 2024


This course covers the most popular Process Hazard Evaluation technique, i.e. the HAZOP Study, and covers the objectives of the HAZOP study, scope and methodology. Participants will learn both the principles of HAZOP and will be introduced to HAZOP worksheets with suitable software.

Course Structure: 6 modules of 2 hours each, delivered over 3 days
Each day will consist of 2 modules of 2 hours

Course Level: Foundation / Skill
Duration: 3 days
Instructor: Chandrasekhar Seethepalli

Designed for you, if you are...

  • A participant of a HAZOP study, from any discipline
  • Involved in design, engineering, operations, maintenance, HSE, technical safety or process safety management

The course is suitable for all levels, i.e., for young engineers as well as for experienced engineers.

How we build your confidence

  • The course will be taught live via instructor-led presentations, supported by real-world examples and by utilising internationally respected software tools
  • You will participate in a mock HAZOP workshop at the end of the course

The benefits from attending

By the end of the course you will feel confident in your understanding of:

  • The technique of a HAZOP study and how it fits into an overall PSM framework
  • The roles and responsibilities of participants, team leader and the scribe
  • The HAZOP technique, guide words, deviations and applicable standards


  • Process safety management and risk assessment concepts
  • Example of a Process Safety Incident due to poor PHA
  • What is HAZOP?
  • HAZOP background and evolution
  • Primary features of HAZID / HAZOP / what-If
  • Application of HAZOP study
  • Input information requirements
  • Illustration of HAZOP process steps using a flow chart
  • Defining the HAZOP scope and boundaries
  • What is a HAZOP node?
  • Guidance for defining HAZOP nodes
  • HAZOP guidewords and deviations
  • Risk assessment matrix and assessment criteria
  • HAZOP proceedings and worksheets
  • Intermediate risk ranking
  • Determining duration for HAZOP study
  • HAZOP vs. PHA revalidation
  • Management of change
  • Advantages and limitations of HAZOP technique
  • HAZOP standards and best practices
  • HAZOP preparation
  • Team composition and responsibilities
  • HAZOP reporting
  • HAZOP follow-up for closeout



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