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Integrated Petrophysics for Carbonate & Fractured Reservoirs - A Roadmap (PPH03)


    This course represents the complete carbonate & fracture evaluation Recipe, from Quick Look log analysis to full Core-Log-Test integration. It presents a systematic, disciplined plan of action for the acquisition and integration of carbonate petrophysical data, highlighting problems and explaining solutions. The course provides a much needed systematic process for staff faced with the daunting prospect of managing carbonate & fracture, or other 'complex' reservoirs. Non-petrophysicists will learn how to quickly check geo-model input with 'Greenlists'.

    Course Level: Skill
    Duration: 5 days
    Instructor: Mark Deakin

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • A petrophysicist, any geologist, operations geologist, engineer or core analyst who uses or creates petrophysical results for carbonate or 'complex' reservoirs

    Basic principles are reviewed; however a year’s experience in formation evaluation is desirable.

    How we build your confidence

    • All data is integrated, from drilling and LWD to well tests and the latest hi-tech logs via a recipe which provides a definitive set of results and a secure basis for decisions - a template for evaluating any complex reservoir
    • The course explains how the physical characteristics of carbonates - tight, fractured or permeable - present failure points for classical log analysis
    • How to drill, core, log, test and then integrate specifically to address these failure points is explained via a condensed learning session of interleaved theory, PetroDB-Vault IP demos, workshops and movies
    • Drilling data, core, SCAL, logs, LithoScanner, NMR, Dielectric, Sigma, Acoustic, Image-logs and MDTs are all briefly explained and fitted together to form the definitive solution for any given data set
    • Daily recaps; PetroDB-Vault interactive demos; micro-practicals; movies; workshops

    The benefits from attending

    By the end of the course you will feel confident in your understanding of:

    • The physical differences between carbonates and clastics and their data response implications
    • Why extreme pores, vugs, fractures and oil wetness occur in carbonates and how to recognise and treat them
    • Carbonate & fracture evaluation essentials. The failure points which must be identified & healed
    • Why fracture well tests can be misleading and what critical other data you must have
    • How common errors impact results using PetroDB-Vault interactive demos
    • How to acquire and integrate key drilling, mudlog, core, special log and well test data
    • How to do quick look carbonate log analysis and integrate capillary pressures with logs in Excel or IP
    • How to do thorough, integrated and robust evaluations in any complex, conventional reservoir
    • How end-users can critically review complex petrophysical results using the author’s greenlists


    • How physical characteristics impact 1) reservoir properties 2) reservoir measurements
    • Carbonate & fracture reservoir classifications: Lucia, Nelson, Aguilera
    • Total porosity & clays vs. total porosity & pore geometry.
    • How to use data and equations intelligently. Understanding data redundancy, hierarchy and equation inversion
    • Misleading data, useful data, powerful data. Carbonate & fracture database essentials
    • Greenlists: the tests to apply
    • Carbonate quick look Excel template with 100+ key equations for complex reservoir evaluation
    • PetroDB, analogues, Sigma & Dielectric logs, cap. pressure, FZI, R35, rock typing, core Sw, which Sw? NMR porosity bins, coates carbonate permeability, sonic logs, Stoneley k, stress, fracture quantification
    • The complete carbonate & fracture evaluation recipe: principles, data and A-Z information flow
    • The petrophysics to geo-model checks essentials

    Customer Feedback

    "Lots of industry examples from real life experience. Very interactive course, instructor encouraging questions from the class." - Geologist at Perenco

    "Fantastic, well organised course. I will be able to use what I have learnt when I return to work. Great plotting techniques, spreadsheets with formulas are excellent." - Geoscience Team Lead at Vermillion

    "Very useful & practical course, will be put to immediate use." - Petrophysicist at Idemitsu Petroleum

    "It explains perfectly how a petrophysicist should work to deliver the best output to geologic model & reservoir simulation." - Petrophysicist at Qatar Petroleum

    "Topic very interesting, good delivery and plenty of experience from instructor." - Petrophysicist at Tullow

    "Topic organisation is excellent, helps us to see from helicopter view then go into detail." - Engineer at SKK Migas

    "Instructor was fantastic. The course slides were very useful and well presented. This was one of the best courses I have ever taken." - Petroleum Engineer at BG Group

    "Your course material was a very good reference for my work so far. I think this was one of the best training courses I have attended." - Petrophysicist at Gulf Keystone Petroleum International



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