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Production Assurance - Troubleshooting and Guidelines in Oil & Gas Operations (PRO04)

  • 9-13 October 20235 daysVienna, AustriaCourse Fee: 3750 EUR + VAT


During the remaining lifetime of an oil or gas field, the application of economic methods in the treatment process is a prerequisite for ensuring compliance with specifications for the gas, oil, and water phase.
This course bridges the gap between process technology and production chemistry. It includes aspects common to operational issues such as organic precipitates (asphaltenes and waxes), water treatment and quality for re-injection, causes of non-effective treatment plants, modern ways of optimising treatment units, corrosion prevention and rules of bacteria in oil and gas production, scale formation, as well as system surveillance strategies.
Based on practical experience possible causes of failure in production operation are explained and discussed in detail.

Course Level: Advanced
Instructor: Wolfram Kleinitz

Designed for you, if you are...

  • An engineer, project manager, production chemist, or a member of field operational staff currently or potentially involved in natural gas or oil production and storage operations
  • Seeking an overview of sustainable improvements in the gas/oil production process

How we build your confidence

The course focuses on practical onsite experience. Case histories (video support) and practical examples will be subdivided into the following sections: System description, theoretical background, failure potentials, weak points and recommendation to mitigate possible negative production effects or to prevent further damage in the operational system.

The benefits from attending

By the end of the course you will feel confident in your understanding of:

  • The efficiency of oil and gas treatment systems
  • Modern concepts against asphaltene and wax precipitation
  • Formation of foam in oil production
  • The impact of chemicals in oil and gas production and treatment
  • How to identify weaknesses in the production and treatment train
  • Definition and monitoring water quality for re-injection
  • The rules for Oxygen in production and material selection
  • How to control and improve the efficiency of treatment units
  • The impact of SRB’s (Sulphate Reducing Bacteria) in oil and gas production
  • The effective use of hydrates and hydrate inhibitors in gas production
  • The conditions for scale formation in treatment systems
  • Sustainable stimulation concepts to assure well capacity
  • The interpretation of chemical analyses from bailer samples
  • Types of corrosion in treatment and injection systems
  • Application of flow analyses in treatment unit by tracers
  • Modern ways of demulsifier screening processes
  • Rules of Halite precipitation in condensate treatment processes


  • Elimination of organic precipitates in oil production
  • Inhibitor and tracer screening and its application
  • Water quality and impact on re-injection systems
  • Main causes of non-effective treatment plants
  • Impact of retention time on separation processes
  • Methods for getting reliable samples for further analyses
  • SRB’s activity and MIC in oil and gas production
  • Evaluation of different gas dehydration processes
  • Rules of sulphate, carbonate and NORM scale formation
  • Overview of scale calculating programs
  • How to control corrosion in production operation
  • Production operation in the tail-end phase of oil fields
  • Troubleshooting in gas dehydration systems
  • Formation of halite scale in gas production and storage
  • Troubleshooting in treatment plants for tail-end production
  • Modern aspects in screening corrosion inhibitors
  • Interpretation aids of commercial well treatment chemicals

Customer Feedback

"Topics covered very well the operational issues at our field & other options for solutions, course topics always supported by case histories." - Sr. Production Technologist at Addax

"Enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter" - Petroleum Engineer at BG Group



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