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Well Completion Design for Reservoirs with Sanding Problems (PRO11)

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The main objective of the course is to transfer the knowledge for the detailed sand face completion design process for reservoirs with sanding problems. The process for geological and engineering characterisation of the reservoir will be introduced as well as the impact on well or reservoir properties on sand face completion design and sand control method selection.

Course Duration: 5 days

Course Level: Advanced / Specialised
Instructor: Juan Tovar

Designed for you, if you are...

  • A reservoir, operations, petroleum or completion engineer with responsibility for well construction and sand face completion tasks
  • A geologist or geoscientist with a need to understand the technical and practical issues associated with reservoirs that are or will be prone to sand production
  • A manager or senior team member with responsibility for field management and long term planning for these types of reservoirs, particularly if you are working in highly depleted areas

How we build your confidence

The course presents the tools and methodology to allow you to confidently and competently address these types of problems in significant detail for reservoirs with sanding problems.

The benefits from attending

By the end of the course you will feel confident in your understanding of:

  • The issues and the physics of sand producing reservoirs
  • Identifying the problems associated with sanding: when it will happen, mode of occurrence, volumes of sand and risk presented by these types of reservoirs
  • Selecting the optimum completion option for the type of reservoirs, sizing of filter media and general operational procedures for well preparation and start up


  • Geological characterisation of the reservoir, mineralogy, pressure and structural features
  • Mechanical stresses acting on the reservoir
  • Reservoir mechanical properties such as Young Modulus and Poisson Ration
  • Rock testing methods for strength characterisation
  • Physics of sand production, its history and use of current tools
  • Well construction process, well configuration selection
  • Perforating design
  • Sand control method selection and operational procedures associated with well preparation and cleaning prior to the completion
  • Filter media equipment specifications and selection for sand control applications
  • Well performance analysis and evaluation, well testing
  • Flow assurance, sand transport and erosion fundamentals




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