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ONLINE: Green Hydrogen (REN904)


    This course explains the needs, processes and applications of hydrogen generally and green hydrogen specifically as a natural participant in the energy revolution. Green hydrogen’s manufacture, applications, advantages and challenges are seen in the context of current hydrogen applications, both as storage and fuel. The course explains renewables’ growing need for energy storage and how the various hydrogen storage methods address this compared with other storage media. Storage via compression, cooling, metal hydrides, ammonia, carbon nanotubes and future exotic scenarios, including coal seams and reservoirs are covered. The course shows how hydrogen’s physical properties affect energy density, containment, source-to-end use efficiency and costs and create challenges for the much vaunted ‘Hydrogen Economy’ infra structure.
    The current highlights in research and how oil & gas companies stand to benefit from re-purposing their considerable resources towards hydrogen geo-research is revealed. Lastly, the class is invited to share their take-away on the hydrogen economy, the choke point to increased renewable energy adoption and their proposal for hydrogen in their organisation or home, for discussion by the class.

    Course Structure: 2 modules of 4 hours each, delivered over 2 days
    Each day will consist of 1 module of 4 hours with multiple breaks.

    Course Level: Awareness/ Foundation
    Duration: 2 days
    Instructor: Mark Deakin

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • Forward looking energy companies
    • Power generation, power distribution, utility and oil & gas managers tasked with evolving their business towards sustainable energy operations
    • Government policy makers
    • Developing country policy makers who must broadly understand alternatives
    • Private equity, bankers & energy investors who need key facts, major trends and a sober, balanced understanding of today’s diverse energy market
    • Energy producers, distributors & retailers
    • Large energy consumers - could your organisation benefit?
    • Anybody interested in this topic

    How we build your confidence

    You will emerge with a clear understanding of the use, limitations and economics around green hydrogen and whether it has a place in your organisation.

    • A succinct overview of the Hydrogen Economy
    • Group discussions
    • Q&A sessions
    • Self-Learning suggested reading

    The benefits from attending

    In this course you will learn:

    • The technology of hydrogen and green hydrogen production
    • Site criteria for green hydrogen installation
    • Previously undiscovered applications for hydrogen in your company and beyond
    • Emerging technologies in hydrogen that herald new applications
    • How oil & gas companies stand to benefit from repurposing their resources to the hydrogen economy
    • Is green hydrogen safe, cheap, manageable and really A-Z green?
    • Does green hydrogen have a role in your organisation or home?
    • Does Ammonia have a role?
    • Green Hydrogen projects in Australia and worldwide: Essential specifications
    • The role of government directives and subsidies in green hydrogen
    • Why green hydrogen is set to expand
    • Is green hydrogen a logical alternative to battery storage or are we being duped?


    • Green hydrogen
    • Energy storage - critical for renewable energy adoption
    • Main energy storage types - essential facts
    • Energy storage - Pumped hydro largest storage
    • Energy storage: Li-Ion & Redox Flow Batteries, CAES
    • Understanding energy density - why we waited!
      - Energy density: Energy per unit volume, Joules/Litre, kWh/L
    • Specific energy: energy per unit mass, Joules/kg, kWh/kg
    • Hydrogen - Introduction
    • Grey and Blue hydrogen
    • Green hydrogen
    • Hydrogen as fuel: From source to mechanical energy - process & efficiency
    • What is a Hydrogen Fuel Cell?
    • Hydrogen energy storage - types
    • Compressed hydrogen 700bar
    • Compressed hydrogen has high energy density!
    • Green ammonia NH3 vs Haber–Bosch
      - Ammonia fuel cells and electrolysis
    • Metal hydrides
    • Domestic scale green hydrogen and storage – 40kWh
    • What is a Carbon Nano Tube?
    • Carbon-based hydrogen storage
    • Repurposing oil & gas companies to the hydrogen economy - existing projects and R&D
    • Can hydrogen be created and stored in geological formations?
      - Coal seams, gas reservoirs, salt caverns
    • Hydrogen + Green carbon : chemical industry feedstock
    • ‘The Hydrogen Economy’ - Infrastructure complexity & costs
    • What’s wrong with hydrogen? Why Elon Musk dislikes hydrogen
    • Green hydrogen current projects >1GW equiv
    • Green hydrogen wrap up - Pros and cons and future
    • Your personal takeaway on the hydrogen economy shared and discussed



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