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Reservoir Management & Monitoring (RES32)

  • 2-6 October 20235 daysVienna, AustriaCourse Fee: 3550 EUR + VAT


This course gives you a better understanding of well & reservoir management and provides best practice examples how to manage your reservoir optimally to achieve a higher recovery factor.
Everyday there will be a real field data example either to be solved with software (if available) or analytically.

Course Level: Skill
Instructor: Emina Buket Ulker

Designed for you, if you are...

  • A reservoir or petroleum engineer or a geoscientist responsible for the day-to-day management of reservoirs to improve their performance

The course can be given at any level depending on the audience’s experience.

How we build your confidence

  • Power point presentations
  • Interactive exercises
  • Practical exercises on real field data to be solved with software (if available) or analytically
  • Q&A

The benefits from attending

By the end of the course you will feel confident in your understanding of:

  • Awareness of how to increase the asset value
  • Applying the principles of sound reservoir management: How to plan field development and monitor reservoir performance
  • Using the interdisciplinary collaboration to efficient reservoir management
  • The importance of timing and cost vs. benefit analysis


What do we mean by 'Reservoir Management'?
  • Course objectives
  • Definition of Reservoir Management (RM)
  • Concept of RM
  • RM technology shift
  • The importance of teamwork
  • Sources and acquisition of reservoir data

What is new in Reservoir Management?
  • The 'old' sequential approach
  • The 'new' integrated / iterative way of RM

Reservoir Characterisation
  • The importance of reservoir characterisation
  • Knowledge check Q&A
  • Getting to understand your reservoir
  • What is important in data acquisition?

Reservoir Management Process
  • The ultimate objective: Increase the value of assets
  • Possible targets - optimise / maximise / accelerate production, reduce cost, decrease risks, contingency plans, flexibility
  • Planning a field development - What are the key elements?
  • Monitoring well / reservoir performance
  • Evaluating results by comparison of actual performance against prediction

The Technology Toolkit: Understanding the Reservoir
  • Static and Dynamic Modelling: Review of available systems, selection on the methodology and software
  • The importance of technical and technological competency
  • Integration of geological, geophysical and engineering data
  • Describing the reservoir: The static model
  • Describing the reservoir behaviour: The dynamic model and reservoir simulation
  • Probabilistic vs. deterministic reservoir modelling: Event solution
  • Fluid characterisation: PVT modelling
  • Reservoir surveillance: Monitoring performance and analysing the data, QC the reservoir understanding by actual well behaviour
  • Setting reservoir for predictions
  • Infill wells / sidetracks - where to drill?
  • Well production / injection rates?

Recovery Methods
  • Maximise value through ultimate recovery and improved recovery

Well Management
  • Production Optimisation Using Nodal Analysis Approach

Adding Economic Value
  • Techniques to maximise economic recovery, cost vs. benefit, bbl/$
  • Minimising CAPEX, OPEX and risk
  • Net cash flow
  • How timing will affect the value
  • Investment decision
  • Project selection and revision

Practical Exercises
Everyday there will be a real field data example either to be solved with software (if available) or analytically.

Customer Feedback

"I like the flexibility of the instructor. She accepts change and does not stick to a specific way of conducting the course material." - Senior Production Technologist at Daleel Petroleum

"The instructor was able to explain and answer questions very clearly." - Reservoir Engineer at Daleel Petroleum

"Great Instructor with comprehensive information." - Production Technologist at Daleel Petroleum

"Good refresher course, I like the instructor's knowledge." - Production Technologist at Daleel Petroleum



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