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EOR: Miscible Gas Injection (RES47)


    This course will develop your understanding of the fundamentals of miscible gas injection enhanced oil recovery, the applications of scientific principles to reservoir fluid phase behaviour and multiphase fluid flow in porous media. It provides you with mathematical tools to help in the design and selection of gas injection EOR projects.

    Course Level: Skill
    Duration: 5 days
    Instructor: Edmond Shtepani

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • A reservoir engineer working in EOR projects

    How we build your confidence

    This course builds a firm knowledge foundation by combining theory lectures with practical examples and case studies.

    The benefits from attending

    By the end of the course you will feel confident to:

    • Understand the thermodynamics of miscible gas injection in EOR
    • Determine and apply principles of phase and volumetric behaviour of reservoir fluids
    • Understand reservoir fluid trapping and mobilisation mechanisms
    • Design a laboratory protocol for a successful gas injection project
    • Validate laboratory data using numerical reservoir simulators
    • Apply data to evaluate the miscible gas injection EOR processes


    • Reservoir rock
      - Core analysis
      - Dynamic porosity
      - Representative elementary volume
    • Reservoir fluids
      - Classification of reservoir fluids
      - Fluid phase behaviour and properties
    • Advanced PVT studies
      - RBA
      - Swelling test (P-x diagram)
      - Slimtube test
      - Multiple-contact experiment
    • EOS modelling and characterisation
      - Fluid phase behaviour calculations
      - Fluid characterisation
      - Application in compositional simulation
    • Multi-phase fluid distribution in the reservoir
      - Interfacial tension
      - Capillary pressure
      - Wettability
      - Phase trapping and mobilisation
    • Multi-phase flow in porous medium
      - Relative permeability
      - Methods of relative permeability determination
      - Calculation of relative permeability
      - Factors influencing relative permeability
    • Flow equations
    • Miscible displacement processes
      - Thermodynamics of miscible gas injection
      - First contact miscibility displacement
      - Multiple-contact miscibility displacement
      - Factors affecting microscopic and macroscopic displacement efficiencies
      - Screening and criteria of EOR by miscible gas injection
    • Miscible gas injection EOR experimental design and modelling
      - Specialised relative permeability experiment
      - EOR displacement experiments
      - Calculation of longitudinal dispersion coefficient
    • PVT and Flow Data for reservoir simulation

    Customer Feedback

    "Thank you for the good organisation of this course. Really, It was beyond my expectation in terms of easiness of arttending and following the instructor." - Senior Reservoir Engineer at ETAP

    "It's quite comprehensive in terms of the general knowledge required to work on an EOR project." - Reservoir Engineer at Petrobras

    "Excellent explanation of Miscible Gas Injection Fundamentals." - Sr. Reservoir Engineer at Qatar Petroleum

    "The course is organised very effectively and I liked the instructor's proficiency and ability to explain the course." - Reservoir Engineer at KPO




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