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Presentation Skills for Petroleum Professionals - Presenting with Confidence (SSK35)


    There is no better way of getting noticed in your organisation than delivering a successful presentation. Unfortunately for many people, the idea of making a presentation makes them nervous.
    This program builds confidence and the ability to deliver even very complex technical content clearly and understandably. It contains no gimmicks or tricks and has been used with success by hundreds of managers and technical/professional people.
    Rated as probably the best approach available in helping focus and deliver material so that it achieves the required results, all participants, including experienced presenters, leave the program having refined and developed their ability to make really focused, persuasive presentations with a high level of confidence.

    Participants are supported with coaching given according to individual ability. They are helped to recognise what they are doing well, encouraged to continue doing it and then to look for things they could do differently to improve performance.

    Course Level: Foundation / Skill
    Instructor: Tony Hendry

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • Expected to deliver effective presentations
    • Nervous when making a presentation or even at the thought of doing so
    • Spending too much time putting a presentation together
    • Keen to gain the skills and techniques needed to design and deliver technical and non-technical content clearly
    • Someone who would like to use presentation technology and visual aids appropriately
    • Unable to keep your audience engaged
    • Someone who wants to make more of a positive impact on the audience
    • Failing to get the results you want

    How we build your confidence

    • You are put in control of your material, its structure and your delivery by helping you:
      - Identify the key messages you wish to put across
      - Decide the order of the messages and an overall structure
      - Identify the technical content required
      - Design the charts
    • You are coached in delivering the key messages with conviction and impact.
    • You are helped to recognise the things you are doing well, encouraged to continue doing them and then supported in looking for what you could do differently to improve performance.

    • This course consists of 2 major elements:

      1. PREPARING the presentation
      - Identifying the outcome you want to achieve
      - Learning how to distil the most important facts into clear messages
      - Working out the most effective order for maximum impact
      - Thinking about how best to put your messages across to your audience
      - Ensuring your visual aids convey clear messages

      2. DELIVERING the presentation
      - Speaking clearly, with enthusiasm and using the right language
      - Taking charge of the presentation space
      - Building a positive relationship with your audience
      - Developing the confidence to present convincingly

      This is achieved by recording the participants individually, reviewing the presentations and working on improvements.

    The benefits from attending

    By the end of the program you will feel confident to:

    • Put together strong, persuasive cases for action
    • Prepare more effective presentations more quickly with less stress to yourself (and your audiences)
    • Stay in control of yourself, your audience and your equipment
    • Speak confidently in front of groups

    Delegates will also benefit from the opportunity to practise their skills in a small group (maximum 10 delegates), seeing themselves in action on video and receiving feedback from the course tutor.


    • Putting presenting into perspective
      - The role of the presenter
      - What makes a presentation worthwhile
    • Preparation - the basic steps
      - Why am I making this presentation?
      - Who is my audience?
      - What do I include?
    • Preparation - organising the material
      - The importance of structure
      - The opening, developing the argument, the close
    • Delivery skills
      - Controlling nerves
      - Building rapport
      - Handling questions
    • Enhancing the impact of your material
    • Projecting the right image
    • Managing hostility or indifference
    • Using & preparing audio-visual aids
    • Presenting complex data as understandable information




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