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Advanced Drilling Technologies (DRI14)
Advanced Gas Condensate Reservoir Management (RES05)
Advanced PVT and EOS Fluid Characterisation (RES08)
Advanced Reservoir Simulation Technologies (RES06)
Advanced Well Testing and Interpretation (RES37)
Artificial Lift Systems Design, Diagnosis, Operations and Optimisation (PRE03)
Auditing in the Exploration & Production Industry (FIN05)
Basic Drilling Technologies (DRI34)
Basic Formation Evaluation (PPH28)
Basic Reservoir Fluid Properties and Phase Behaviour (RES13)
Basin Analysis and Modelling Workshop (GEO51)
Borehole Image Logs - Interpretation and Applications (PPH27)
Business Writing Skills (SSK55)
Carbonate Geology applied to Conventional and Unconventional Plays (GEO02)
Carbonate Reservoir Characterisation and Modelling (RES62)
Carbonate Reservoir Characterisation on the Field (FTP08)
Cased Hole Services (PPH32)
Cementing Technologies (DRI30)
Change Leadership (MAN49)
Communication Skills for Success (SSK11)
Contracting Fundamentals - A Practice Related Briefing for Non-Lawyers (CON01)
Contracts Strategy & Management (CON02)
Core Analysis Fundamentals and Technology (RES45)
Corrosion Engineering Awareness in Oil & Gas Operations (PRO14)
Decision Quality in Organisations (PBM01)
Depth Conversion and Seismic Velocity Model: An Applied Workshop (GPH08)
Digital Core Analysis (RES40)
Directional Drilling and Well Placement for High Angle and Complex Wells (DRI37)
Directional, Horizontal and Multilateral Drilling (DRI08)
Effective Bid and Tender Strategies for Oil & Gas (CON04)
Effective Technical Writing for Exploration and Production Staff - A Structured System (SSK24)
Enhanced Oil Recovery Fundamentals (RES03)
Enhanced Oil Recovery: Fundamentals and Applications (RES31)
EOR Polymer Flooding - Lessons learnt from Field Applications (PRO15)
EOR: Heavy Oil Steam Injection (RES58)
EOR: Miscible Gas Injection (RES47)
ESP Systems Design, Operation and Troubleshooting (PRE28)
Evaluation of Volcanic Reservoirs (GEO59)
Exploration & Production Accounting - Level 1 (FIN01)
Exploration & Production Accounting - Level 2 (FIN02)
Exploration & Production Accounting - Level 3 (FIN03)
Exploration Economics (PBM19)
Extended Reach Drilling (DRI39)
Flow Assurance Technologies (PRE07)
Fluvial and Shallow Marine Systems Field Trip, Sydney Basin, Australia (FTP04)
Fundamental Skills for Petroleum Geoscientists (GEO11)
Fundamentals in Petrophysical Log Interpretation: Theory and Practice (PPH23)
Fundamentals of Coalbed Methane (CBM) Development (UCR02)
Fundamentals of Oil & Gas Production (FAC09)
Fundamentals of Reservoir Development Geology (GEO46)
Fundamentals of Wellsite and Operations Geology (GEO09)
Gas Dehydration (FAC10)
Gas Engineering - Reservoir and Production (PRE29)
Gas Lift Systems Design, Operation and Optimisation (PRE31)
Gas Processing Technologies (FAC02)
Geodynamics and Structural Styles in Exploration (GEO58)
Geophysical Reservoir Characterisation (GPH01)
Geothermal Drilling Technology (DRI13)
Hazard and Operability Study - HAZOP (HSE07)
High Impact Presentation Skills (SSK54)
Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production - A Comprehensive Introduction to the Oil & Gas Industry (INT07)
Integrated Petrophysics - How to use Special Core Analysis with Modern Logs (PPH31)
Integrated Petrophysics for Carbonate & Fractured Reservoirs - A Roadmap (PPH03)
Integrated Petrophysics for Reservoir Characterisation (PPH02)
Integrated Produced Water Re-Injection Management (PRO09)
Integrated Reservoir Geology Field Trip: Reservoir Characterisation of Fluvial, Estuarine & Deltaic Deposits in Modern and Ancient Environments (FTP09)
Integrated Reservoir Studies: The Project Management Approach (PBM07)
Integrated Stratigraphic Methods (GEO57)
International and Comparative HR Strategies (MAN44)
International Natural Gas Business - Market Entry Strategy and Commercial Contract Conception (PBM13)
International Oil & Gas Exploitation Contracts (CON03)
Introduction to Drilling, Completion and Workover Operations (DRI35)
Introduction to Gated Development Processes (PBM28)
Introduction to Geomechanics (GEO52)
Introduction to Petroleum Economics (PBM21)
Introduction to Production Operations (PRO01)
Introduction to Refining Technologies and Refinery Conception (REF01)
Introduction to Seismic Interpretation (GPH02)
Introduction to Surface Facilities (FAC01)
Layer of Protection Analysis - LOPA (HSE06)
Lean Six Sigma (MAN51)
Managing and Developing Human Resources (MAN47)
Managing Data Rooms for Quick-look Asset Appraisal (PBM05)
Mastering Finance for Non-Financial Oil & Gas Personnel (FIN04)
Microseismic Monitoring in Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs (GPH41)
Modelling and Managing Uncertainty in the Subsurface (RES38)
Modern History Matching (RES63)
Modern Project Management (MAN33)
Multiphase Flow Metering (PRO10)
Naturally Fractured Reservoir Modelling and Simulation (RES61)
Naturally Fractured Reservoirs (GEO55)
Negotiation Skills for the Oil & Gas Industry (SSK10)
North Atlantic Margin Petroleum Systems, Morocco (FTP06)
Oil & Gas Field Life Cycle, Field Development and Planning (PBM26)
Oil Processing Fundamentals (FAC03)
Open Hole and LWD Interpretation Principles and Applications (PPH33)
Operations Geology (GEO13)
Perforation Design and Applications (PRO13)
Performance Management (MAN46)
Petroleum Economics, Business and Decision Making (PBM02)
Petroleum Engineering in Offshore Field Development (PRE30)
Petroleum Geology Field Workshop, Whitby, UK (FTP01)
Petroleum Geostatistics - Integrating Data for Reservoir Modelling and Simulation (GEO07)
Petroleum Systems and Play Analysis (GEO45)
Petroleum Systems of North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean (GEO08)
Play Assessment and Prospect Evaluation (GEO56)
Play Mapping and Exploration Strategy - A Hands-on Approach (GEO34)
Pore Pressure, Fracture Pressure and Wellbore Stability Management (GEO21)
Practical Methods for Mapping and Interpreting Deep-Water Reservoirs (GEO53)
Problem Solving and Decision Making (SSK36)
Process Safety Management (HSE01)
Production Assurance - Troubleshooting and Guidelines in Oil & Gas Operations (PRO04)
Production Chemistry & Water Injection Workshop (PRO05)
Production Chemistry for Non-Production Chemists (PRO07)
Production Engineering (PRE12)
Production Technology for Unconventional Reservoirs (PRE32)
Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification Preparation - Fostered by Project Management Simulation (MAN31)
Relief & Flare Systems (FAC11)
Renewable Energy Primer (REN01)
Reserves Classification and Categorisation (PBM30)
Reservoir Characterisation & Modelling Workshop (GEO14)
Reservoir Characterisation and Quality from Drill Cuttings (GEO33)
Reservoir Engineering for Non-Reservoir Engineers (RES01)
Reservoir Surveillance and Management of Mature Floods Using Streamlines (RES46)
Sand Management and Disposal Program (PRO12)
Seismic Acquisition and Processing - From Basics to Modern Concepts (GPH07)
Selecting Optimal Development Concepts (PBM29)
Selection and Development of a Performing Team (MAN36)
Shallow Water Reservoir Characterisation in the Modern-Day Environments of the Gironde Estuary and Aquitaine Basin - SW France (FTP02)
Special Core Analysis (RES48)
Special Core Analysis: Petrophysical Imaging Applications (RES44)
Strategy Execution: Theory & Practice (MAN50)
Streamline Simulation in Reservoir Engineering and Management (RES10)
Structural Geology, Stratigraphic Architecture and Trap Styles of Sicily FTB - A Multidisciplinary Approach on the Field (FTP07)
Stuck Pipe, Design and Operational Practices for Avoidance (DRI36)
Success in Multicultural Teams (SSK52)
Swiss Island® - An Interactive and Tangible (Agile) Project Management Simulation (MAN35)
The Senior Management Program: Developing Leadership Capacity (MAN30)
The Winning Toolkit for New Managers and Difficult Times (MAN45)
Time, Personal Organisation and Stress Management (SSK38)
Turnaround Management (MAN42)
Value Engineering (MAN48)
Waterflooding: Performance Predictions and Surveillance (RES28)
Well Completion Design for Reservoirs with Sanding Problems (PRO11)
Well Integrity Management for the Well Life Cycle (DRI18)
Well Integrity Technologies (PRE17)
Well Stimulation Technologies (PRE15)
Well Testing Operations, Interpretation and Design (RES39)
Wireline and LWD Log Quality Control and its Impact on Interpretation (PPH25)
Workover & Completions (DRI38)
X-mas Trees and Well Heads: Operation and Testing (PRE26)

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